“The Soul of Traditional Japanese Craftsmanship”

Suehiro is a Japanese company producing whetstones since 1967. With more than 50 years experience in the field, they are now among the top 3 sharpening stones manufacturers in the world, with their Cerax line to be their top range products.

Suitable for both new and experienced sharpeners, Suehiro Cerax stones are medium hard and will wear out at the best rate in order to achieve the best results by uncover new, fresh, particles on the stone surface.

They require only 5 minutes of soaking before use and they come in an excellent packaging that includes an anti-slip stone holder for ease of use and a whetstone cleaning stone (nagura).

Suehiro has also great combination stones in their range for those who want compact solutions and don’t want to spend extra on a full set of stones.