Sharpening and Repair Services

If you have a damaged, chipped, tip broken or rusted knife or you haven’t perfected your sharpening skills yet,

we are here for you!

No matter how good a knife is, sooner or later – depending on its use – will need sharpening to retain its top cutting ability. Send us your knife for its regular “Spa” and we will return it in perfect shape within few days, using our long experience and our top-notch sharpening station with sharpening tools like Shapton and Suehiro whetstones.

Our services include:

  • Hand sharpening on whetstones

    • Up to 150mm blade length: 15 €
    • From 150mm up to 240mm blade length: 20 €
    • Longer than 240mm blades : 25 €
  • Rust removal repair

    Cost: 10 € additional to the hand sharpening cost

  • Broken tip repair

    Cost: 30 € additional to the hand sharpening cost

  • Chip repairs

    Cost: From 20 to 40 € depending on the condition and size of chips and additional to the hand sharpening cost.

  • Re-profiling

    Cost: Depends on your needs. Contact us for evaluation and cost details.

  • The time required is between 2 to 4 working days from the time we receive it and depending on the work required.
  • Shipping cost is not included in the above prices and is on the owner’s part.
  • We also accept kitchen knives not sold by us and by any maker except serrated knives.