Dao Vua

“Make performance knives at reasonable prices”

Dao Vua Cooperative is a Vietnamese brand that recently started acquiring very good reputation for their quality / price ratio. They are currently exporting 50% of their production in USA where they started becoming a favorite among the ones that want a handmade knife without breaking the bank.

Fully handmade knives,  made by the family and community members and the ideal choice for beginners in the handmade knives world. In their knives, they use a carbon steel called Russian Leaf Spring and they give a rustic look and finish. Their aesthetics and functionality are straight forward and their knives comes without a box, just wrapped in film plus a blade protector. You may notice iregularities in the grinding and the finishing (due to the fully handmade manufacturing), but at this price point are considered a serious bargain. Their handles are made one by one and they may come in different colours and woods (Padauk, pakka and Amboyna mainly). The blades may need some additional sharpening out of the box to reach the blade’s potential (we can always sharpen it for you!), but they can get to a very high level of sharpness once they’re done.