Masakage company was created in 2007 by Takayuki Shibata, a master sharpener and among the best throughout Japan. The idea was to select some of the top blacksmiths of Takefu village and create different lines of products under the Masakage brand.

They have 6 different lines of knives: Kiri, Yuki, Koishi (all forged by Kato), Kumo, Mizu (forged by Anryu) and Shimo (by Yu Kurosaki).

All lines are hand sharpened by Takayuki Shibata and they feature amazing sharpness out of the box. Each line has its distinctive finish either in Damascus, Nashiji or Kurouchi finishes. It has become one of the most popular brands around the world the last years and when you first touch and use these knives you understand the reasons why.