“The Soul of Traditional Japanese Craftsmanship”

With a history of over 150 years, Masamoto is one of the best known and preferred brands of traditional Japanese knives in Japan and the choice of some of the best Japanese chefs.

As the first generation Minosuke engraved the “正” (“Masa”) character on his knives as proof that he had made them himself, the second-generation knife craftsman Kichizo Hirano sought to register this character as the trading name when the trademark registration system began in 1884. However, since a knife specialty store in Osaka was already using the name, it could not be used. After consulting with business partners, the suggestion was made that since the knives use genuine steel, why not place the “本” (“moto”) character that forms part of the Japanese word “genuine” under the “正” (“masa”) character? This advice was the origin of “Masamoto®.”

Masamoto knives are sought after by renowned chefs as well as knives enthousiasts around the world, with some of them like the KS series acquiring an almost legendary status over the years for the top craftsmanship and the fully handmade process they are made.

VG series

KS series

SW Series