Mizuno Tanrenjo

Established in 1872 by Mastersmith Torakichi Mizuno in Sakai City in Osaka, Mizuno Tanrenjo became famous for producing the traditional Japanese knives ‘Sakai Uchi’.

For 5 generations, the Mizuno family has been recognized as one of the most important family of craftsmen in Japan. A Mayokegama (a sickle to face evil), made by 2nd generation blacksmith Masanori Mizuno, is still decorating the roof of  Houryuji temple in Nara, Japan’s oldest five story building registered as a National Treasure and the World Heritage monument by UNESCO.

Mizuno Tanrenzo workshop is for years the favourite of Japan’s Royal family and has received visits from its members. Today is led by 5th generation blacksmith Jun Mizuno with the precious help of his wife Nanako who is taking care of all non blacksmithing business.

Because of his amazing craftsmanship, Jun Mizuno has been appointed by two of Japan’s top shrines who selected his katanas to be in the shrines’ permanent collections.

We visited Jun and Nanako during our trip in Japan and we met two amazing persons ready to show us around their beautiful, small, tide, traditional workshop and we were amazed by the beauty of their work. We are very proud to be one of the very few shops in Europe and around the world to work with them and carry their masterpieces in our collection.