Nakamura knives has been established in 2015 by Mr Nakamura an experienced and famous sushi chef that had been working for years in Japan and Los Angeles.

Their base of operations is in Chiba city the capital of Chiba prefecture in the Kanto region of  Japan.

Their trademark  knives Kaishin are their original brand for high-end model knives.
“Kai” means a pioneer (魁). “Shin” means a spirit (心)

Their knives are forged and grinded by some of the most experienced craftsmen from Sakai-city at Osaka.

They are well recognized for their beautiful profiles but also for their very thin behind the edge knives.

Note: In July, There has been an increase in the prices of Nakamura knives (as with most brands). Even though we have absorbed a big part of the increases, we are obliged to increase the retail prices.



Aogami Super & Kurouchi

Damascus Hammered

Wooden Sayas