Operating also in Takefu Village in Echizen, the 3 Takamura brothers inherited the brand and their craftsmanship from their father and founder Isamu Takamura. The brand was established after World War 2, back when stainless steel knives were regarded as inferior to the carbon steel ones. His goal – to prove that stainless steel can be as good for use in knives – was reached after endlessly experimenting with different steels to reach the right balance between sharpness and edge retention with rust free blades.

He was maybe the first to experiment with Powder steels – specifically R2 (D2, SG2) – and today they are the favorites of some world renowned chefs like Rene Redzepi and Gordon Ramsay.

They are making their knives totally in house – despite many knife makers today that outsource some of the work – in order to secure the best result possible in all manufacturing stages.