Knife Storage

Proper storage means sharp knife. Never store your knives in a drawer or a wooden block. Each time your knife’s edge comes to contact with plastic/ other metal/ wood etc dulls! So every time you draw or throw your knife you basically destroy your edge. The appropriate way to store your precious knives is  your knife’s box or a magnetic knife rack. Make sure you place your knives on the rack leaving some distance between them so the edges do not touch. Place magnetic rack away from the kitchen oven or any other possibly (very) humid place. Always lift your knife with edge first and place back your knife with spine first.

Knife Transportation

If you are a professional chef or even a home cook who travels with his knives, transporting your knives safely is essential. There are two ways for transporting your knives safely without hurting yourself, others and damaging the edge: Either in their original boxes, firmly fitted or in a Knife roll. There are plenty of types and designs on knife rolls but the materials used and design (especially the space left between the knives pockets) can make all the difference.