Dimensions: 500 x 250 x 20mm – Weight: 3.2 kg

Synthetic Rubber boards made by Parker – Asahi in Saitama Japan since 1965.

Material: Synthetic rubber. It is resistant to scratches and lasts a very long time due to the special rubber.

The rubber cutting board, which is used by many professionals, is now for home use. It has moderate elasticity, good blade contact, and elongates the knife edge life as the kitchen knife is not damaged.

Drains and dries quickly, so it is hygienic with less growth of germs and mold. It is hard to deform even when disinfected with boiling water, and bleach can be used if dirt is noticeable.

Easy to clean without getting dirty or smelling. PARKER ASAHI’s cutting board, which developed the first synthetic cutting board in Japan. Since its launch in 1965, it has been loved by many professionals.

Wash well with a neutral detergent after use and allow to fully dry.
Bleach is effective for removing stubborn grime. We recommend bleach that contains disinfectant.

We recommend using a nylon brush for cleaning.
Sandpaper can be used to remove stains. Polish with a cleanser at the end.

May become deformed if placed near a ­ame or on top of heated pots and pans.
● Do not use or store at temperatures over 90°C or below -30°C.
(Professional chopping boards can withstand 130°C for up to 30
minutes. Household chopping boards can withstand 100°C but are not
dishwasher safe and may become deformed if washed in a dishwasher.)
● May become warped or deformed if weighted down for extended periods
of time at high temperatures. If that happens, heat the board to around
80°C, lay on a ­at surface, place a heavy object on top and allow to cool. This will reduce the warping/deformation.
● If placed at an angle against something when storing, it may become deformed under its own weight. Stand it up
straight or place it sideways. Standing it lengthwise against a wall for storage can cause warping or deformation.
● Suitable for use in a UV sterilizing warehouse. May change colors when subjected to UV rays for extended periods
of time, but this does not affect quality.
● Do not soak in bleach for extended periods of time.
● If the chopping board is dirty, bacteria may grow even though it is antibacterial treated