The second most important tool for every cook – after a sharp knife – is the cutting board. It plays a very important role in properly maintain your knife’s edge, gives you the proper feedback feeling while cutting and decreases the risk of food cross contamination.

The Sharp Cook offers you only the top quality wooden End Grain cutting boards, handcrafted by some of the best European craftsmen. They are designed and specified based on our extensive experience and they feature:

  • 3 sizes: Small (36cm x 28cm x 3cm), Medium (45cm x 30cm x 4cm), Large (50cm x 40cm x 4cm)
  • Top quality wood types in End Grain (Maple, Oak, Sapele, Elm etc) with “self healing” effect
  • Convenient handles on both sides for easy lifting
  • Sizeable liquid grooves for collecting the ingredients juices and avoid spillage on one size, flat on the other.
  • Different designs to match personal preferences and kitchen styles
  • Manufactured using the best food graded wood glue and already impregnated with multiple hands of high quality oil and waxed, all with food grade products
  • Optional 4 rubber feet for better stability or non-feet version so can be used in both sides (one for meats and the other one for vegetables). *If you want the rubber feet installed, please send us an email after purchase.