Dao Vua is a Vietnamese brand that recently started very good reputation for their quality / price ratio. Handmade knives made by the family and community members and the ideal choice for beginners in the handmade knives world. They are exporting 50% of their production in USA where they started becoming a favorite for the ones that want a handmade knife without “breaking the bank”.

The Wes Series is made from Pipeline recycled carbon steel, fully by hand, at a HRC60 hardness. It features a Kurouchi finish and an ergonomic wooden handle.

The Honesuki is a rather small knife specifically created for filleting chicken and poultry. It’s the Japanese equivalent to the boning knife with a flatter and higher profile. This design makes it easy to chop through the joints of the chicken (rabbits etc) when you ‘re filleting them. The tip of the knife is usually thin, so it can glide easily through flesh. The heel of the blade is used for hard bits, and the tip is used for articulate slicing. The 150mm is the most common size.

Important Note: Dao Vua knives are fully hand forged and therefore can have imperfections in finishing or straightness. They are delivered without a box (but very well protected) and extra sharpening service is strongly suggested as their sharpness out of the box can be drastically improved.

Handles come in different colors and may vary from the one you see in the picture. If you want to be sure of the handle color kindly contact us by email or messenger.

Important Note: This is a Carbon Steel knife and not a stainless one. Requires attention and care in its maintenance like quick washing and drying after use, storing in low humidity area and application of mineral oil if not used for some time.

Over time it will form a patina that will protect it from rust. In case rust appears, use baking soda on wet blade, leave it for 10 mins and rub carefully with your finger or a soft sponge. In case rust is not removed, contact us for further instructions.