Hatsu – Kokoro means innocent spirit. A very important wholesaler from Amagasaki city in Hyogo prefecture cooperating with some of the best craftsmen in Japan. The Hatsukokoro brand is their house brand, crafted from undisclosed but some of the most experienced blacksmiths.

The Inazuma (means “lightning”) line, is fully hand made of Aogami Super core steel, heat treated to a 63-64 HRC hardness. Features a beautiful pattern that combines light Kurouchi, hammered and Damascus patterns. One of the best looking knives we have seen! It is very thin and razor sharp.

A multi-purpose knife and similar to Nakiri with usually a slightly different nose shape and shorter profile. Recommended mainly for push cut, slice and chopping cutting techniques. The Bunka was developed as an evolution to Nakiri with a more pointed nose for more delicate cuts.