Founded more than 100 years ago in 1919 by Tokie Hokiyama in Tosa – Shikoku Island – Hokiyama cutlery stands on a triangle of values:

Tradition, Innovation and practicality.

They preserve the original clad forging method cultivated over 800 years of Tosa cutlery history with craftsman spirit and ambitions of making further innovations for the future. While making traditional knives, they keep on searching up-to-date technologies, materials and manufacturing process, and always trying to develop more refined products aiming at further evolution.

The Sakon Shiraume series is made of AUS-8 stainless steel and cladded with SUS-405 stainless steel, fitted with a beautiful Wenge traditional Wa handle.

The Yanagiba (meaning willow leaf blade) is the traditional Japanese Sashimi knife. Used mainly to cut thin slices of fish without damaging the cells of the delicate fish protein. It can also be used for meat. The 300mm size is one of the most common for medium to big pieces of fillets.