Located in Sikoku island in the Ehime prefecture, Ishizuchi started their production exactly 100 years ago, in 1920, lead by Tomika Kajiura as their founder. As many blacksmiths at the time, they first focused in Agricultural tools and equipment. Today, the fourth generation descendants, lead by Taketoshi Kajiura, is focusing exclusively on knives using the area’s craftsmen and striving to deliver high quality traditional knives at competitive prices.

Kiritsuke is a hybrid knife shape and it is meant to perform both the tasks of a slicer (like Sujihiki) as well as an all-rounder (like Gyuto). The most part of the belly is flat to be used with push cuts and ends slightly curved in the end. It’s signature nose, known as “K tip” nose, is perfect for small slicing and precise cuts. Recommended mainly for push cut, slice and chopping.

This 270mm Kiritsuke made by Ishizuchi, is a real beast and combines great looks , excellent sharpness and edge retention as it is made from one the best Japanese steels, the famous Aogami 2. Fitted with a rosewood handle makes this one a true beauty in the kitchen! An special knife targeting experienced users.

Important Note: This is a Carbon Steel knife and not a stainless one. Requires attention and care in its maintenance like quick washing and drying after use, storing in low humidity area and application of mineral oil if not used for some time.

Over time it will form a patina that will protect it from rust. In case rust appears, use baking soda on wet blade, leave it for 10 mins and rub carefully with your finger or a soft sponge. In case rust is not removed, contact us for further instructions.