Located in Sikoku island in the Ehime prefecture, Ishizuchi started their production exactly 100 years ago, in 1920, lead by Tomika Kajiura as their founder. As many blacksmiths at the time, they first focused in Agricultural tools and equipment. Today, the fourth generation descendants, lead by Taketoshi Kajiura, is focusing exclusively on knives using the area’s craftsmen and striving to deliver high quality traditional knives at competitive prices.

Meaning “Beef knife” in Japanese, the Gyuto is the most common and basic of all knives, the Japanese version of the classic western Chef’s knife. It is used as a multi-purpose knife, suitable for meat, fish, vegetables and more. Can be used with almost all different cutting techniques.

This 210mm Gyuto made by Ishizuchi, has amazing looks combining hammered and Damascus patterns on its blade with combination of excellent sharpness and edge retention as it is made from one the most well known Japanese stainless steels, the remarkable VG-10. Fitted with a Wallnut handle, you can’t find easily beauty with performance go along so perfectly. The most common profile combined with the most common knife size is a winner! It can be used for almost all ingredients and with almost all cutting techniques.

Brand / Blacksmith: Ishizuchi
Series: Tsuchime Damascus
Knife type: Gyuto
Blade Length / Total length (mm): 215 / 370
Grind: 50 / 50
Finish: Tsuchime Damascus
Steel type: VG10
Forging method: San Mai
HRC hardness: 61 – 62
Handle type / Material / Ferrule: Octagonal / Walnut /Plywood
Spine Thickness at heel / tip (mm): 1,6 / 0,2
Blade height at heel (mm): 47
Weight (gr): 147