The brand name “Kanetsune” was named after a famous sword Smith, Kanetsune who existed in Muromachi period around 14-15 century. He made extremely keen and tough Katanas that were known by many Samurais then in Japan and also overseas. Some of his swords are displayed in the Katana museum in Seki city.

Kanetsune is considered one of the largest knife producers in Japan, manufacturing different series of knives  under their name but also for other well know knife brands.

Extra fine quality, high carbon AUS-10 stainless steel blade. Magnificent performance blade which contains 0.95 – 1.10% carbon combined with a well balanced composition of molybdenum, vanadium, and others, enables this series knives to greatly perform in professional use. This stainless steel has an excellent rust-resistance and hardness, great edge retention at HRC 60. The basic and simple handle has excellent grip. Full tang constructions with welded stainless bolster.

The Honesuki is a small knife specifically created for filleting chicken. It’s the Japanese equivalent to the boning knife with a flatter and higher profile. This design makes it easy to chop through the joints of the chicken (rabbits etc) when you re filleting them. The tip of the knife is usually thin, so it can glide easily through flesh. The heel of the blade is used for hard bits, and the tip is used for articulate slicing.