Polimall Micro Abrassive Polishing cloth Pink

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Koyo-Sha’s Polimall Polishing Cloth has ultra-micro abrasive particles in order to remove dirt, patina but also fine scratches.


– Suitable for Iron, Steel, Titanium and Platinum

– Made in Awakawa, Tokyo, Japan

– Size: 125 x 195 mm


Direction of use:

Use gently against the area you want to clean, repeat until dirt/patina is removed. Do not wash Polimall cloth. It will get darken as you use it but it will still be effective. Use another clean cloth to remove dirt from the used Polimall cloth.

Koyo-Sha brand

The koyo-sha brand is well known for manufacturing polishing compounds for professionals and blacksmiths but, in the recent years have developed also products for the home user.

In stock

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