With a history of over 150 years, Masamoto is one of the best known and preferred brands of traditional Japanese knives in Japan and the most praised and selling among Japanese sushi chefs around the world.

Meaning “Beef knife” in Japanese, the Gyuto is the most common and basic of all knives, the Japanese version of the classic western Chef’s knife. It is used as a multi-purpose knife, suitable for meat, fish, vegetables and more. Can be used with almost all different cutting techniques.

The SW series is the stainless equivalent of the KS series. Made from Swedish stainless steel, you can expect the same impeccable fit and finish, exceptional edge retention and great sharpness without having to worry about rust. As the KS line, these are fully handmade too,  not only in forging but also in sharpening, polishing and finishing stages. An excellent choice for the ones that love the legend of KS but don’t want to worry about the rust. Its 240mm  size makes it ideal for those long, one move cuts and suitable for both home cooks and professionals.

Brand / Blacksmith: Masamoto
Series: SW
Knife type: Gyuto
Blade Length / Total length (mm): 250 / 405
Grind: 50 / 50
Finish: Satin Polished
Steel type: Swedish Steel (Stainless)
Forging method: Monosteel
HRC hardness: 62 – 63
Handle type / Material / Ferrule: D-Shaped / Magnolia / Water Buffalo
Spine Thickness at heel / tip (mm): 2,6 / 0,3
Blade height at heel (mm): 39
Weight (gr): 170
Notes: Available in brown or black ferrule