Established in 1872 by Mastersmith Torakichi Mizuno in Sakai City in Osaka, Mizuno Tanrenjo became famous for producing the traditional Japanese knives ‘Sakai Uchi’.

For 5 generations, the Mizuno family has been recognized as one of the most important family of craftsmen in Japan. A Mayokegama (a sickle to face evil), made by 2nd generation blacksmith Masanori Mizuno, is still decorating the roof of  Houryuji temple in Nara, Japan’s oldest five story building registered as a National Treasure and the World Heritage monument by UNESCO.

Mizuno Tanrenzo workshop is for years the favourite of Japan’s Royal family and has received visits from its members. Today is led by 5th generation blacksmith Jun Mizuno with the precious help of his wife Nanako who is taking care of all non blacksmithing business.

Because of his amazing craftsmanship, Jun Mizuno has been appointed by two of Japan’s top shrines who selected his katanas to be in the shrines’ permanent collections.

A hand forged series by Master Jun Mizuno, made of Aogami-2 steel with an iron soft cladding. Sharpened by one of the most experienced sharpeners Tsutomu Minamiura, with Kasumi finish and superb thin grinds, overall and behind the edge. Mounted with a beautiful Wa octagonal handle in black Sandalwood with black buffalo horns and copper rings on both ends.

Double bevel slicer for boneless meat and fish. The name translates to “muscle cutter”.  It is usually long and thin with a low profile and the purpose of it is for cutting in one single slice in order to create minimum cellular damage (That preserves the original texture and flavor of the protein). Perfect for slicing and back draw cut motions. The specific knife comes in the most common size at 270mm.

Important Note: It is usual that Japanese Handmade knives do not come sharpened at their full potential out of the box. This is due to Japanese mentality that the owner and user should give the final sharpening to his or her knives. This is also the case for Mizuno Tanrenzo knives.

If you are not an experienced sharpener, let us give your knife an extra sharpening to reach it’s full potential by clicking on the Extra Sharpening request.

This is a Carbon Steel knife and not a stainless one. Requires attention and care in its maintenance like quick washing and drying after use, storing in low humidity area and application of mineral oil if not used for some time.

Over time it will form a patina that will protect it from rust. In case rust appears, use baking soda on wet blade, leave it for 10 mins and rub carefully with your finger or a soft sponge. In case rust is not removed, contact us for further instructions.

Brand / Blacksmith: Mizuno Tanrenzo
Series: Akitada
Knife type: Sujihiki 270
Blade Length / Total length (mm): 260 / 410
Grind: 50/50
Finish: Polished / Kasumi
Steel type: Aogami – 2 (Blue – 2)
Forging method: San Mai
HRC hardness: 62-63
Handle type / Material / Ferrule: Wa / Octagonal / Ebony / Buffalo
Spine Thickness at heel / tip (mm): 2,4
Blade height at heel (mm): 34
Weight (gr): 157