Shimomura, the manufacturer of Murato brand, began its blacksmithing business in Sanjo in 1874.

They started producing sickles and forged knives inheriting the long tradition of Sanjo craftsmen, an area among the most famous knife producing regions in Japan. Over time they evolved their business in producing also stainless steel kitchen knives and cutting tools.

With excellent quality control processes, Shimomura assures top quality at affordable prices. Razor sharp out of the box and with great looks. A great choice for starters in the Japanese knives world or for those that seek Japanese top quality without breaking the bank.

Tsunouma range is the entry level range of Murato.  Made of Molybdenum Vanadium Stainless steel which holds an edge for a long time and with a Pakka wood western handle to fit all hand sizes. Reliable, sharp and requiring minimum care are ideal for people new to the Japanese knives world or bor beginners to practice their sharpening skills.