Nakamura knives have been established in 2015 in Chiba city the capital of Chiba prefecture by Mr Nakamura an experienced and famous sushi chef that had been working for years in Japan and Los Angeles. His immense experience in world’s best kitchens helped him create some amazing knives with remarkable cutting abilities.

Their trademark knives “Kaishin”, which are their high-end knives, are  forged and grinded by some of the most experienced craftsmen in Sakai-city at Osaka and they are well recognized for their beautiful profiles but also for their very thin behind the edge geometry.  “Kai” means a pioneer (魁) and “Shin” means a spirit (心).


The Kiritsuke knife profile is an amazing combination of two profiles as it can perform both the tasks of a slicer (like Sujihiki) and all-rounder (like Gyuto). The most part of the belly is flat to be used with push cuts and with a slightly curved, “K tip” nose it is perfect for small slicing and precise cuts. Recommended mainly for push cut, slice and chopping.

Made from the famous Aogami Super steel, one of the best carbon steels known and cladded with stainless steel  for rust protection, this very thin, light and nimble Kiritsuke, features an extremely thin blade and will be admired by “laser knife” lovers. Fitted with a magnolia octagonal handle and a white water buffalo horn ferule, will fit in all kind of different sized hands.