Sakai knives have been evolving for the last 600 years. Sakai Kikumori is considered as one of the most prestigious manufacturers collaborating with some of the legends in the area of Sakai like blacksmiths Yoshikazu Tanaka, Shiraki and top Japanese sharpener Morihiro. These kind of top cooperations go back to 1925 when the company Kawamura Hamono started.

They are one of the very few companies certified by the Sakai Chamber of Commerce as “SAKAI WAZASHU” to be recognized widely not only in Japan, but also throughout the world which would most likely lead to image enhancement and economic development of the whole area along with an outcome of loving community.

The Wasiki Series are made with AUS-8 stainless steel and they feature an octagonal Wa-handle made of Rosewood.

The Kiritsuke knife profile is an amazing combination of two profiles as it can perform both the tasks of a slicer (like Sujihiki) and all-rounder (like Gyuto). The most part of the belly is flat to be used with push cuts and with a slightly curved, “K tip” nose it is perfect for small slicing and precise cuts. Recommended mainly for push cut, slice and chopping. This particular knife though is more of a Gyuto with K-tip, so its suitable for rock chop cutting too, featuring a more curved belly than the usual Kiritsuke.