One of the top manufacturers in the city of Sakai, known as the “city of knives” that used to be known as the “Venice of the East”. The 600 year continuous tradition, cultivated the Sakai Takayuki brand, making it one of the most famous today in Japan. In 1982 these knives earned the rare distinction to be designated as Traditional Arts and Crafts.

A traditional Deba forged with AUS-8 stainless steel that can be considered as an easy to maintain filleting tool. Its size is ideal for medium fish. Features a traditional oval magnolia handle.

The Deba is a single bevel knife traditionally designed for filleting small and medium size fishes. Nowadays, it is used by many to break down and filleting small poultry too. Its heavy, sturdy structure allows it to easily cut small bones of fish and poultry but is not recommended on larger bones as it may chip. The 150mm size is ideal to be used for filleting smaller but also larger fish

Brand / Blacksmith: Sakai Takayuki
Series: Inox (Wa handle)
Knife type: Deba 150
Blade Length / Total length mm: 150/290
Grind: Single Bevel
Finish: Polished
Steel type: AUS-8 (Stainless)
Forging method: Monosteel
HRC hardness: 60
Handle type / Material / Ferrule: Round / Magnolia / Plastic
Spine Thickness at heel / tip mm: 6,9
Blade height at heel mm: 50
Weight gr: 238