Experience the smoothness of superb sharpening.
Never deforming or degrading, the “Gokumyo” is the ultimate whetstone.

The “Suehiro Gokumyo Series” is made with a combination of ultra-fine abrasives, and binders. The fired ceramic whetstones, while taking full advantage of the properties of ultra-fine abrasives, overcome the drawbacks of conventional natural and resin based whetstones, which could lose their hardness due to temperature changes, or when immersed in water, and which could suffer surface degradation and cracking. The abrasives have been enhanced from #13,000 (1.0 micron) to #20,000 (0.5 micron), resulting in a whetstone giving a smooth, superbly sharp edge, far exceeding the synthetic stones which came before. It is Splash ‘n Go

Size: 205×73×19~21mm – Weight: 1200gr

Instructions for use:

This well-made whetstone has a dense concentration of ultra-fine air pockets and can be used immediately by lightly wetting it. Before using the whetstone, either briefly submerge it in water, or wet the surface with your hand, then begin sharpening. Under normal circumstances (summer or winter temperature variations, immersion in water), there is no risk of a loss of quality. It can be used in the same manner as conventional (kiln-fired) whetstones.
* To maintain the stone’s ability to sharpen, please clean the whetstone with water and restore the surface with the restoration stone included in the set after each use.