Toshihiro Wakui is a very talented craftsman that used to work for Yoshikane Hamono in Sanjo. He started his own knife making business in Sanjo and his excellent knives were a well kept secret among Japanese knives enthusiasts. He recently started getting more exposure and his knives are highly appreciated. Forged by White 2 steel, very thin behind the edge and at high hardness of around HRC 63, Wakui seems to be one of the next hot blacksmiths in the knife worldmeat and fish.

The Sujihiki is a slicer for boneless meat and fish. It is double bevel in comparison to its brother Yanagiba which is single bevel and the name translates to “muscle cutter”.  It is usually long (270-300mm) and thin with a low profile and the purpose of it is for cutting in one single slice in order to create minimum cellular damage (That preserves the original texture and flavor of the protein). Perfect for slicing and back draw cut motions.

The 270mm Wakui Sujihiki is the ideal size for slicing both fresh fish and meat. Will become the favorite of BBQ lovers as well as home and pro sushi makers. Being very thin behind the edge, will effortlessly fly through both ingredients resulting in perfect cuts!

Brand / Blacksmith: Wakui
Series: Nashiji Stainless Clad
Knife type: Sujihiki
Blade Length / Total length (mm): 270 / 425
Grind: 50 / 50
Finish: Nashiji
Steel type: Shirogami 2 (White 2) – Stainless Clad
Forging method: San Mai
HRC hardness: 62 – 63
Handle type / Material / Ferrule: Octagonal / Chestnut / Water Buffalo Horn
Spine Thickness at heel / tip (mm): 3.4 / 0.35
Blade height at heel (mm): 37
Weight (gr): 168